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Carlit Holdings Co., Ltd. is open to comments, requests, and questions regarding the services of our group. Inquiries we receive will be used to enhance our future services. Before submitting your inquiry, please ensure that you read and understand the following important notes and proceed to input the content of your inquiry.

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Important notes regarding inquiries

  • Personal information you provide will be used to respond to your inquiry and/or questions as well as to provide information.
  • Customers who are under 16 years of age will need the consent of a guardian before making an inquiry.
  • A response may not be sent due to reasons such as mistakes in the email address you provide or system failures.
  • Email inquiries may require some time before a response is sent (in principle, inquiries sent on a Saturday, Sunday or holidays are responded to after the following business day), or may not be responded to.
  • The Company's response to an inquiry received will be sent to you personally. Please refrain from using any portion of the response or the entire response from the Company for purposes other than the inquiry itself without the Company's permission.
  • Please refer to the Privacy Policy for dealing with the personal information by Carlit Holdings Co., Ltd.
  • The above notices are subject to change due to laws and regulations.
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