Hirofumi Kaneko

Commemorating 100 Years in Business,
Looking Ahead to the Next 100 Years

In 2018, the Carlit Group commemorated its 100th anniversary. Now, we are looking to establish a business foundation for the next 100 years.

Our three-year medium-term management plan, Waku-Waku 21, commenced this fiscal year. Waku-waku is a Japanese phrase that expresses excitement and anticipation. The goal of the Waku-Waku 21 plan is to provide a stream of exciting products and services through creating workplaces where employees are excited to work.
We also intend to open up new business domains by creating products and services with high added value. Accordingly, a basic theme of the Waku-Waku 21 plan is to lay a solid foundation for business and to invest management resources into new initiatives with a view toward ensuring profits.
In the face of social issues such as falling birthrates and an aging population, AI, IoT, and the SDGs, we will aim to continually develop new products and business ventures, while further developing our R&D framework and expanding into new fields through M&A and overseas expansion.

As we move forward, we will continue to embody our management philosophy of,"Earning Trust and Tackling Countless Challenges," which reflects the Carlit Group's founding spirit, as well as our corporate slogan of, "Giving Shape to Infinite Possibilities," which we established on the occasion of the Group's centennial. Guided by these words, we will take on the challenge of entering new business domains while fostering vibrant workplaces to provide products and services that delight our customers. Along the way, we will seek to strengthen our governance system, co-exist harmoniously with the environment, and achieve sustainable mutual growth with society.
I ask for your continued support as we move forward.

Hirofumi Kaneko
Representative Director