Business Domains


Chemicals Division

Contributing to the development of society with our long-standing proprietary technologies

We manufacture and sell industrial explosives used in quarrying limestone and other rocks, automotive emergency flares used to protect people's safety during accidents or disasters, and sodium chlorate used as bleach by the paper manufacturing and textile industries, as well as ammonium perchlorate used as a raw material of solid propellants for rockets, electrolytes used in electrolytic capacitors, and electrolysis solution for electric double-layer capacitors and computers, and abrasive wheels and fireproofing materials essential for steelmaking and other industries. In addition, we engage in the Material Assessment Business, which includes material hazard assessment testing and battery testing, helping to support the lives of people around the world through the provision of a wide range of products and services.

Bottling Division

Packaging "safe and tasty" from our cutting-edge, high-speed bottling line

JC Bottling Co., Ltd. is a contract manufacturer of canned beverages and PET bottle beverages, which have become essentials in daily life. We offer integrated solutions ranging from blending to filling, packaging and inspections, using our cutting-edge production equipment featuring a hot aseptic filling system. This enables us to manufacture and supply a host of beverage products in a reliable and efficient manner. This production facility has obtained ISO14001 (environmental management) and ISO9001 (quality management) certification. Through our rigorous environmental, quality and management standards, we make possible products that are safe for people and the environment.

Industrial Materials Division

Contributing to the development of industry with advanced technologies and a unique product lineup

We manufacture and sell silicon wafers for semiconductors used in computers and LED lighting, heat-resistant metal hardware for inside furnaces employed in urban waste incineration and petrochemical-related facilities, and springs for automobiles and construction machinery. In this manner, our unique product lineup contributes to the development of industry.

Engineering Service Division

Developing a wide range of business opportunities beyond existing segments

We are active in a broad range of segments outside our core chemicals business, including the design and supervision of sewerage, water supply and wastewater treatment facilities, sales and application of industrial coatings and paints, and the provision of construction engineering on a contract basis, among others.