The Japan Carlit Group has shifted to a holding company structure as of October 1, 2013 to build a foundation for sustainable, long-term growth. Carlit Holdings Co., Ltd. was established in conjunction with this transition.

Carlit Holdings will be in charge of planning group-wide strategies and corporate governance, and will strengthen the management foundation of the Carlit Group by comprehensively supporting each operating company on the optimal allocation of financial resources, human capital and other matters.

"For Confidence and Infinite Challenges"

We have also created a new set of corporate principles incorporating the same values as our founder, Soichiro Asano, which continue to form the basis of our existence in the present and our commitment to achieve strong future growth.

Going forward, our number one focus will continue to be on securing the trust of our customers. We will also strive to deliver safe and high quality products and services, and will take steps to enhance our corporate value.

As our 100th anniversary approaches in 2018, we will collectively focus on becoming a group of companies trusted around the world because of our unwavering dedication to tackle the new challenges of tomorrow.

In closing, I ask for your continued support and patronage as we move ahead.

Kenichi Hirohashi
Representative Director