"For Confidence and Infinite Challenges"

Beginning with the introduction of the technology from oveaseas for Carlit explosives carried out by Soichiro Asano, the founder of the Carlit Group, the Group has long supported Japanese industry with products such as rocket propellant and warning flares. In 2018, the Group will mark its 100th anniversary.

Our medium-term management plan, "Foundation 100", launched in 2015, is now in its third year.The plan's aim is to lay the foundation for our next 100 years of business, looking ahead to the next 100 year after we cerebrate our 100th anniversary in 2018.

The plan contains three key strategies: strengthen the basis for grouwth; strengthen the revenue base; and strengthen the Group's management base. Accordingly, we are working to create new business, expand existing business, and reinforce our governance structure.

Going forward, we will further strengthen collaboration among group companies, mobilizing our collective strength in pursuit of sustainable growth and higher corporate value.

Guided by our management philosophy of "Earning Trust and Tackling Countless Challenges," we will renew our commitment to achieve our goals. I ask for your continued support as we move forward.

Kenichi Hirohashi
Representative Director